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Dubai (दुबई)

Author: Translators: गोपाल जोशीAuthor: प्रणय गुप्ते


दूरदृष्टी, खंबीर नेतृत्व, निर्णायाची कठोर अंमलबजावणी आणि परिवर्तनासाठी आवश्क तो मोकळेपणा या सर्वांच्या बळावर आज दुबईने आपला ब्रॅण्ड निर्माण केला आहे.

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Menka Prakashan

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वैराण वाळवंटाचं जागतिक दर्जाचं महानगरात रुपांतर घडवून आणण्याची किमया दुबईनं अवघ्या दोन दशकांत करुन दाखवली आहे. जगभराचे दोनशे देशांचे नागरिक आज दुबईच्या ईमारतीत गुण्यागोविदांन नांदताहेत. दुबईच्या वैभवात भर घालताहेत. कशी घडली ही किमया?मुक्त वपाराचं महत्त्व सर्वप्रथम ओळखलं ते दुबईनं. तेही शतकभरापूर्वी. जेव्हा मुक्त आर्थिक व्यापार क्षेत्र अशा संज्ञाही कुणास माहिती नव्हत्या तेव्हा दुबईतल्या राज्यकर्त्यांनी मुक्त व्यापारास चालना दिली.

Marathi translation of the best-seller – Dubai : The Making of a Megapolis by Pranay Gupte.

In just two decades, Dubai has reinvented itself from a small, poor and quiet fishing village to a dazzling city with a vibrant urban life. How did this happen? Home to more than 200 nationalities particularly those from the Indian subcontinent the emirate s choice to welcome expatriates has paid off.
Cultivating an open and welcoming culture, Dubai manages to attract people from all over the world, heartily embracing any entrepreneurial contribution they wish to make. The emirate is now also known for its cosmopolitan melting-pot culture, and its enabling environment to conduct business, and this, along with the tax-free system and hassle-free infrastructure, makes it a much sought- after site for multinational enterprises who want a base in Asia.
Unlike the Gulf emirates that can count on petroleum wealth, Dubai has wound its way to prosperity by planning carefully and executing those plans methodically. Its airline and luxury construction have made it a popular destination for luxury tourism. Projects like the Burj al-Arab, the Palm Jumeriah and the Burj Khalifa, along with events like the world s richest horserace the Dubai World Cup and the Dubai Shopping Festival, have sustained tourist interest and focused the world s attention on the emirate.


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